Tweet Help - - Interactive table based on United States Department of Agriculture Database


  1. To check a product or add it to “My Diet” enter the name or parts of the name and press "search".
  2. To check for different nutritional components use the “toggle” button or the checkboxes.
  3. Sort the results by clicking the headers of columns, if needed.

  4. ADD the product to “My diet” by clicking the “+” button. 100g of this product will be added and you can adjust the weight in the “My diet” section.

  5. In “My diet” section you can use average nutritional requirements or adjust the settings to calculate the requirements more precisely.

  6. In “My diet section” adjust the weight for each product. If you point on the product’s name a tooltip will show up presenting the typical weights for this selection.

  7. Reference values are calculated as:
    • Estimated energy requirement or
    • Recommended Dietary Allowances for Vitamins and Minerals
We present the reference values as a number for each column and also as the percentage of achieved reference value in your diet.
Use these reference values with caution and check for details on the USDA webpage ( Always consult any significant changes of your diet with your doctor.